Corporate Mental and Health and Wellness Seminar

Corporate Mental and Health and Wellness Seminar

31 Aug 08:00 - 16:30 - Lilongwe
Umodzi Park


Mental illness is more prevalent than many employers realise. Research indicates that job stressors and other related psychological hazards are emerging as the leading contributors to the burden of occupational disease and injury. The fast changing environment as well as the political and economic uncertainty employees find themselves in also has a bearing on mental distress. In Africa, the absenteeism and presentism productivity losses associated with mental health issues are estimated at 28 days a year for anxiety disorders and 27 days per year for depression. The costs associated with poor mental health make a strong business case for dealing with mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Reap a tangible reward of reduced costs and high performance and productivity in your organization by booking this workshop. In addition, internationally employers acknowledge that wellness programs have direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Nevertheless, today, the biggest challenge facing organizations is getting employees to actively “engage” in their health and wellness. For over a decade, research has been showing the effectiveness of Employee Wellness Programs.

A more productive workforce
Less absenteeism, and an improved sense of being part of a team


Organizational well-being: raising awareness, reducing stigma and providing tools your organization can use to create a mentally healthy workplace
Workload, workplace stress and employee wellbeing
Embracing anxiety
Protecting and promoting mental health in the workplace: developing a systems approach to job stress
Destigmatising mental illness in the workplace
Relationship between mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace
Mental diet for optimal neuro-cognitive functioning and well-being
Walking the high wire: practical strategies for managing an acute mental health crisis in the workplace
Psychopathology in the workplace
Mental health and labor law
A positive psychology perspective on mental health in the workplace
Neuroscience and mental health


The Mental Health in the Workplace workshop represents a critical platform for all organisations to explore their duty of care for their employees. A wide range of HR practitioners, HODs, Team leaders, CEOs, EDs, line managers, organizational and clinical psychologists, counsellors, people and Culture personnel, all employers wanting to build and maintain a successful business as well as group wellness specialists and professionals within the mental health arena should attend this workshop. Topics will be relevant for all organizations across all sectors.

Fees: MK100, 000.00 pp Excl VAT
Tel: +265 111 562 547
Cell: +265 881 248 897


Find out the risks associated with mental health and how to manage them across your organization from mental health experts and recognized practitioners
Benefit from inspirational advice developed through lived experience
Discover how to implement various wellbeing strategies
Explore strategies to reduce absenteeism and presentism costs of mental health issues in the workplace
Learn how to respond effectively to trauma in the workplace
Create a healthier workplace
Build a business case for your employee wellness and mental health and safety program
Manage mental health risks and reduce the stigma of mental illness
Adapt your plans to a changing and aging workplace

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